Community Philosophy

“One of us can make a difference, two of us form a committee, three of us start a movement and the world is bound to change...”~Judy Fjell~

At Cloud Forest Institute we believe that the triad of community, education and conservation is the key to a sustainable future. We bring these three elements together through Service Learning courses and workshops in ecology, natural sciences, politics, economics, and practical skills like permaculture, natural building, food production and storage, language, environmental remediation and more.

By making teaching a community experience we can learn and create at the same time. In this way we become the change we want to see in the world and spread it out through concentric circles that are global in scale. Cloud Forest Institute offers workshops at MendoDragon, an intentional community in Boonville, CA.

MendoDragon is home to 7 people, and has 3 shareholders. The current plan is to grow to have at least 12 shareholders and be home for up to 20 people +/- . CFI's objective is to document the transition of this country ranchito into a self sufficient permaculture designed intentional community making each step of the process an educational tool for the greater community, through applied ecovillage design courses.

The community will be presenting educational offerings based on the development priorities for MendoDragon. Please visit the MendoDragon link for more community information and the workshop schedule.



Sea Weed Drying at MendoDragon